Saturday, April 16, 2005


smoggiest day since I moved here yet
earthquake this a.m. that no one but me noticed
have a new bed. big and for adults. i am an adult now.
moved into apartment shaped like a house
had a love affair with Target and bought magnolia-scented dish soap,
wooden hangers (further proof of being an adult)
made a list with Libby of details for our Great Spring Festival
of this coming week

will seal the deal tomorrow by buying my first proper non
cross-strapped bag. some call it a purse.
dont call it a comeback


Doretta said...

Congratulations on your adult-life!

Still looking for mine. Maybe you can help me find it when we have brunch or dinner or drinks in less than a month!

alex or eric said...

damn, I gotta grow up and move on to wooden hangers. congrats on the new place, eric

p.s. i'm with you on the earthquake. i said to alex, "the couch is shaking", but the shaking stopped about as soon as i noticed it, which is enough earthquake for my daredevil appetite...

jlew said...

why have you stopped posting at a frenetic pace? i miss your updates. is this what an adult life does to you?