Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Beat to Quarters!

Today my special nautical/historical/flauna-flora glossary arrived from Amazon. It is called "A Sea of Words" and it has been described [per back cover of said book] as "A godsend" by the Irish Times. This is because if you attempt to read what I have started reading without it, the harpies will descend to pluck at your eyelashes. Only a nautical savant could understand Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels (aka Master and Commander) unaided. And only a savant of a totally different variety would even pick such a book up, in this case a filmic-nursing-marine-oriented savant.

In essence:
I don't have to worry anymore - because now I know what a "cunt-splice" is! No more harried nights!

It's a "type of splice formed when two ropes are overlapped and joined in such a way as to form an EYE" (emphasis belonging to the text)
My friend said to me today: I didnt know you were into boats..
Hey, now! That's because I aren't.

In other news, my Saturday matinee of Jarhead was interrupted by the guy to my left who kept readjusting his package every time...well, every time you saw desert in a frame. Today I learned from NPR that Walter Murch doesnt like attending sets of the films he cuts, so if he has to go on set, he looks at the floor until he sees the director's shoes and then looks up to talk to director and then back to floor and he leaves. he doesnt want to see anything that the audience wont be seeing. How does he know a director by his shoes?

I would recommend Jarhead but only in a dispassionate way. Jake G doesnt make that developmentally delayed voice in this movie, in fact he's pretty good aside from the lobotomized way you feel for his character and everyone around him.

That Bob Dylan PBS thing is amazing. I only just saw it. I like it when he says things like: "It was rightly cold."

More importantly, I would like to recommend Danny Boyle's follow-up to 28 Days Later, which would be Millions, available on DVD.
It is amazing!

I had babka tonight
Exclamation point


Doretta said...

Millions is awesome.

And I started laughing when you mentioned that Jake isn't doing slow-boy voice in Jarhead. I kept expecting him to bust out with his Bubble Boy lisp.

Jeremy said...

Does anyone other than me find it disgusting that Kirsten Dunst is...oh, wait, she's disgusting enough, I won't finish the quote.

I'm only going to GOBLET OF M-Fing FIRE, nothing else!! I hate movies!!!

-The bitch

alex or eric said...

come over this weekened. there's more bob dylan to be had. - eric