Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tiger like a Jelly

tiger jelly
Originally uploaded by Sarah Lebo.
At my place of work, we have three main elevators that are named after animals: giraffe, peacock, and tiger. My main line is Tiger, and I barely ever use the 'Cock. Near all the elevator entrances are paintings/drawings by children of said animals. This is my favorite. [N.B. - It is entirely possible that I have put up this picture before and forgotten that I did so.]
This painting by a 3 year old perfectly captures how children at this developmental level are unable to pictorally reproduce perspective, yet try nevertheless. I tend towards perkiness when I see this one on my way to nuclear medicine/pharmacy/cafeteria/MRI. Maybe it belongs on cuteoverload. Also, it sort of looks like a rabbit in addition to being both jellyfish and a tiger.

This morning I went to do laundry up by the Gelson's, where the air is clear and I don't have to smell the rotting produce for sale next door at the Armenian grocers like I do at the yellow formica washpalace on Hillhurst.
I was listening to a Ricky Gervais-Stephen Merchant-Karl Pilkington podcast while folding, and there was a woman next to me who made me think she should try being a witch for Halloween because she just has a face made for that kind of thing. I was trying to stifle laughter so as not to make the witch think I was a nutter. If you havent heard it yet, you should try it. But it's a very mean show wherein Karl Pilkington serves as both font and receptacle for all humor therein, so you have been warned. You don't know who he is, and neither did I. Here is his bio.

In sadder news, my narcissus and the other bit of plant life whose name I cannot recall gave up and fell over yesterday. Together.

What is your best approximation of the texture of lobster? I had it for the first time last Friday. Disgusted, it felt like the fish looked in Return of the King, in the gross-out fish eating Gollum scene crossed with firm grapefruit.


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marmie said...

Have you taken your Christmas tree down and away ???

S said...

christmas tree was removed last week after my neighbor came over to get rid of a spider on my bed. He looked in the corner at the tree and said -oh. hey.
So I took it to the curb.

robyn said...

You haven't posted that picture before, but you showed it to me in the hospital. This picture is utterly fabulous. The tiger is so smug and happy and the amorphous blobs around are... what? whatever you like: other tigers in the mist, whole planets, dreams from the BFG. But most of all the tiger is serene and self-contained; well fed and decidedly orange.

Best lobster ever: in a house of cubes with pyramids on top (lofts for sleeping) all open with screens instead of windows on the dunes on Prince Edward Island. Grass and sand as soon as you stepped off the porch and fireflies and red mud in the dark. A long bench with candles and lobsters that had been cooked in a pot over the fire on the porch. Garlic butter and all my parents' friends and my brother and me and outside rows of muddy boots for walking to the beach in the morning.

The texture is delight!