Monday, February 26, 2007

A Song for An Ad For A Feeling, I Don't Know What (Window in the Skies)

Ever seen something you were sure was a World Cup/Super Bowl/Olympics ad for Coca Cola or Kodak that was framed by a song that made you feel full of goodness and light but made you suspect some sinister, corporate undertow at work?
Ever seen that kind of thing but different sort of...where the song makes you try to remember some other, older song that never existed...where it is full of the glory and light of music itself but also the passage of time and the somewhat beautiful sad sad sadness that best describes the state of the planet? With a Kindersurprise to boot?

Here. Look. Really.

The Kindersurprise is really good. Did you find it?

Duly and Lovingly Noted Therein:
David Byrne's Shoe Tapping and Boombox
Arcade Fire at Coachella
Young Van Morrison, Breaking It Down
Iggy Pop's Circulatory system
Nina Simone
Baby Keith Richards
Patti Smith

Mom, can you find your friend Flava Flav?

It's ok to feel this good.


Doretta said...

I had to stop the video partway through because it was freaking me out. Maybe I've had too much caffeine but I was getting very very scared.

Marmie said...

Flava Fav should go back to his earlier job as a musician.
Music feeds the circulatory system through time for sure ! Better than religion for me. Thanks.

robyn said...

Wow. This is incredible. I'm surprised no one has put something like this together before. It speaks pretty loudly to the importance of not copyrighting the crap out of everything.

mistergrow said...

absolutely brilliant.

Mrs. Donaghy, I Presume... said...

The video is no longer available. Too bad I missed it. You have to tell me about it at work....