Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gateway and Santa Monica

Gateway and Santa Monica
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Last night my neighbors and I roamed around all corners of the neighborhood to watch The Great Griffith Park Conflagration of '07. Everyone was out on the sidewalk sitting on street corners, standing on car roofs and front stoops looking westward. If you werent there to see it, it was just like Pele or Mount Doom, where the edges of the fire looked like lava coming down the hillside in very discrete lines. The view from Sunset and Santa Monica, on your left, gave you a night sky that was utterly clear and dark blue and the stars were out. But then you realized they weren't all stars, they mostly news helicopters. It was like looking at a fleet of fishing boats all trolling the same tide, but with copter blades instead of diesel motors. And then the left view was all hellfire and palm trees and plumes of dark red smoke.

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robyn said...

I saw the fire at night for the first time from K-town and was shocked. It looked very close and very red, with lines of bright red fire like you say. A strange emergency against the sky.