Thursday, January 06, 2005

The End of All Things: Dark Coast

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This picture, though dark, should be squinted at.

I just witnessed three disconcerting observations in a row:
Blockbuster using Roy Orbison in TV ads.
The video game with the title "Call of Duty: Finest Hour".
Ethan Hawke and Cowboy Curtis in the trailer for their new movie which happens to be the kind whose entire color palette consists of black, midnight blue, grey and orange. I can see the VHS cover art now.

Here's a good thing: I recorded Dogfight (Lili "Never never ever ever! Don't you even think about it!" Taylor, River Phoenix) on TiVo. This was my favorite movie of the year 1991. I found a frightening webpage "documenting River Phoenix's role" in the film by following a link on IMDB.

Today I graduated from my residency program, which means I am now by myself, with my own patients.
First thing I saw when I came into the auditorium was a large sized Casio keyboard, then two bunches of brightly colored balloons taped to the wall. The nurse next to me said it looked like the set-up for her kindergarten graduation. I had fear in me. I called Robyn and told her not to come, please, it's too tacky. But it wasn't so bad. The president and CEO of the hospital spoke, and when he started, he got all choked up, which was uncomfortable but also touching, because he is one of those men stuffed into a suit about a size too small who usually talks in lingo that is shiny and corporate. He was saying that we could all do what he does every day, but he couldnt do what we do.
Then there was Creed. Oh, defunct Creed. [NB: I know my cynicism is tiresome]. Arms Wide Open, that song, over a montage of nurses and kids and families. Then we had a musical performance. Thank lord this was not someone singing that Whitney Houston song about how children are our future, but a group of wee people, 4 year olds from the childhood development center next door. They sang it's a small world. Well, more like they shouted it's a small world.
The managers of our unit gave me and the two other nurse residents: 1) a hydrangea and 2) had to come sooner or later..
Chicken Soup for the Nurses' Soul.
It's hard to make fun of it because it is all so well intentioned but there are certain cultural attributes frequently found in this population of professionals that doesnt coincide with my particular personal style.

I suppose I would like to recommend a few things:
1) If you can, listen to the song "Silver Dagger", as done by Joan Baez. I never got into her like I got into Bob Dylan, but this song is sad and beautiful. I have been told I should stop listening to music of such description, but to that I scream a resounding No. This is the kind of music that makes me feel human. I don't need to go to Goa for that.
2) If you can, look at my mom's blog . I think she's brilliant but she isn't so sure. You can tell her what you think in your own words.
3) Dustin Hoffman's capoeira, etc in Meet the Fockers. Yes.
4) The streetcar in Lisbon as well as the north and eastern coasts of Sicily.
5)The trailer for Malick's The New World.


Melissa said...

We obviously have a m.a.s., which is fine with me. I do wish you would lose 'lonestar'.

jlew said...

I watched Meet the Fockers yesterday. I liked Dustin Hoffman's natural man-boobies better than Robert DeNiro's prosthetic left breast.